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Dorothyyy! …and why I didn’t have couscous.

Dear goodness gracious blessed heart divine! (I say this in total jest.)

Another night like this.

I cannot emphasize enough how sick I am of terrifying weather. I am such a baby about storms and tornados, and this ish scares me! And Tim is out of town! I was at our Neighborhood Co-Op grocery store and a grocer came up and told me that we were under a tornado warning and should I need to take shelter I can just pop through the double doors to the back. GREAT. I am TIRED of needing to take shelter. So I sat there. At the co-op. For forty minutes.

And then I decided to go to an optional rehearsal of the Messiah (which I am in but had already rehearsed for). Since this is my music building,

Altgeld Hall, home of the SIU School of Music

I figured I would be safe there – and safer still, singin’ about Jesus! 🙂

I was going  to come home and make some awesome couscous and asparagus, but the storm kinda killed my plans. And now I am home alone. And skeered. And so I’ll just write a paper huddle with my stuffed puppy and shake in fear.

Anyone grow up around tornados? Any tips for this Carolina girl who knows only sunshine (and hurricanes)?


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