The leading players

You’ll hear mostly from me. I’m Natalie! I’m 26 years old and finishing my Masters of Music in Vocal Performance this May (counting the minutes)! In the next few weeks, we (my boyfriend Tim and I) will be establishing our next steps – stay tuned!

Anyway, I was born and raised in North Carolina (testament to my love of Southern food and fried things), and have lived in a number of places including New York City, Perugia, Italy, and Savannah, Georgia.

My boyfriend Tim is the head of the jazz department here at our university and is a trombone phenom! He keeps me impressed with his love of music and inspires me with his work ethic and talent. He has two precious little boys that live in Florida whom we see often, and are a major part of our life together.

Tim has had a major influence on my love of the outdoors. Truthfully, I am just not much of an outdoorsy person. I consider myself a city girl who somehow found herself in Southern Illinois, apparently the outdoor recreation center of the universe. We went hiking on one of our first dates! We take lots of walks and runs, planted our first veggie garden last summer, and try to get outside when it’s warm enough.

Our first tomato last year!

Other important players: MY FAMILY!

Left to right – my sister Liz, my daddy, me, and my mommy! Here is my brother in law:

And here is my AMAZING nephew, River!


Our life is a small little drop of water in the oceans of lives around us, but we like our droplet. I’ll keep you updated on where we go 😉



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