We have moved!

Moving day!

Dear readers,

Are you out there? 🙂 Sorry for the total falling off of the planet – we moved four hours north of our old home and since then it has been complete whirlwind. My last post happened just before I received my Masters diploma and now we are settling into our home in Bloomington, IL. I have been musically directing a show, meeting people, painting walls, repurposing furniture, and… dun dun duhhh… doing P90X with my honey!

We have been working very hard. We kind of sucked on week 2, so we decided to repeat it, and we have just finished our fourth week in phase 1, and then decided to add another week to it because we’ll be out of town for two weeks and due to resources in various locations, it was just easier that way. So, we are extending Phase 1 for another week, then starting our recovery week, then Phase 2 begins! Tim has lost significantly more weight than I have, but as he says, he had more weight to lose to begin with (although I’m not sure about that). His goal was about 15-20 pounds of loss and mine is about 7 pounds. So far I’ve lost 3, and he’s lost about 8. We’ll see how it goes on vacation! We have also both been gaining a ton of muscle mass so I just have no clue what the actual numbers are.

Things are going pretty well… and I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe for you today! But I am here, and will do better!

Happy weekend!



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