Sunday blues

I’m only a fan of Sunday when Monday has nothing for me to do. Sundays are always busy days, too, though, since I am a soprano section leader at a church in town. Tonight I have a rehearsal for The Messiah with the symphony (which we will perform on Tuesday) and I’m a soloist.

Yesterday was.. well, I could say it was busy but that would kind of be a lie. It was supposed to be busy, but I’m kind of at burn-out point in the semester. You know what I mean? One of Tim’s friends moved in with us yesterday (he’s taking over our lease when we head out in a month) so I felt I needed to be around the house to play Zuma on Facebook and watch movies hold down the fort in case the boys needed any help. Lazy? Guilty. Needed it? YES.

We even had a lazy dinner: another hydroponic lettuce and goat cheese salad with grilled chicken.

Yummy light dinner!

And a side of steamed-and-sea salted-asparagus and Ezekiel bread:

I love fresh asparagus.

As Tim and I like to say, it were good.

And now I’m procrastinating on the writing part of yet another paper.


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