Catching up on last week, plus a big announcement!

Wow – a lot has happened. First of all, it’s time to announce where we are moving!!!

Bloomington, IL!

Yep – we are moving to a town about 2 hours from Chicago called Bloomington. It is actually a combined city with Normal, IL, and is called Bloomington – Normal (much like the twin cities in Minnesota – kind of). It’s a great town with a population of about 120,000 which is relatively small but not tiny. And it has one of my favorite things – a Fresh Market! If you have one in your town, you know why it’s fab.

Anyway, Tim accepted the job offer last week, and we are really looking forward to the move. There are some opportunities for me as well which I will announce at a later date 🙂

To celebrate, we had a yummy dinner:


This awesomeness was asparagus, onions, black beans, and red peppers sauteed together in a cilantro sauce and served over basmati rice, topped with avocado, and sprinkled with lime juice. I can’t begin to tell you how yum this was. And I invented it all by myself! 🙂

Cilantro Coconut Awesome Sauce

I also attempted Pineapple Bliss Cupcakes from Gina’s Skinny Recipes. A really simple idea – 1 can of crushed pineapples, 1 box of vanilla cake mix. Well, I used organic cake mix, which I don’t think was the problem . My genius self, instead of making 24 cupcakes, decided to just make 12 REALLY BIG cupcakes… which turned out like so:


But I topped them off with some Brown Rice Marshmallow Dream (organic marshmallow cream) and they ended up kinda tasty. Tim didn’t love them.

Pineapple Whoopsy

So I’ve renamed them Pineapple Whoopsies.

The next day was a busy day as I had to get ready to go on tour with my University’s top-ranking choir. We had 5 concerts scheduled for three days… it was insane!!!

Gettin' outta town outfit (or, gettin' ready to get outta town)

Boots, Coach. Leggings, Target. Sweater, H&M I think. Earrings and bracelet, Tiffany & Co.

That morning I had an awesome smoothie. I picked up some sample packets from my local co-op to test out Spirutein, a protein powder I’d tried before but thought I’d try again so I can buy a big tub. I LOVED it!

Raspberry vanilla goodness

I think I just threw in some frozen organic raspberries, the protein powder, a bit of water, and a splash of cranberry juice. It was so filling I couldn’t finish it! And I had to eat it with a spoon!

The next day was tour… but I’m going to have to make that a separate post! Lots to say… and I have a quiche in the oven waiting to see me!


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