Study break!

I have grad schoolitis. I am so ready to be done. Yesterday I had to sit for my written comprehensive exams, two hours of writing to answer two questions, and tomorrow I have to take my oral exams… meaning my graduate committee preys on me and asks me anything they please about my last two years of study. This is basically an impossible task to study for. Sooo I’m doing my best. This is what the floor looks like beside me:

GRRRR notes and books

I’m quite over it. Hence the study break. This weekend Tim and I are taking a little overnight trip to our possible new hometown (still TBA)… we’re hoping to look at some rental townhomes and condos. I’ll let ya know how it turns out 🙂

I am so burnt out that I had a taco SANDWICH for dinner. I had a bagel thin, with homemade taco leftovers ON it. It really wasn’t great. I just needed to eat something and keep working. Boooo. This is definitely not my style.

We are finally starting to have beautiful weather so last night, in celebration of my writtens being over, we went out for margaritas:

This is not a flattering angle, but those were big 'ritas!

Yesterday I had one of those change-clothes-a-million-times days. Boo.

Outfit 1 - nixed

Outfit 2, but added a gauzy printed scarf

Here’s a roundup of today’s yummies:

Yummy PB-banana-ness

Best lunch ever... Greek yogurt, Fresh blueb'ries, organic wheat squares


And then I had one of my FAVORITE snacks this afternoon:

Edamame with sea salt

I may have also consumed a cookie or two that I whipped up last week from a recipe on Skinny Taste (my link-to button isn’t working right now, so here’s the URL:

Okay… I’m either going to resume studying or begin sleeping.



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