A week of meals and my GRAD RECITAL!

Holy goodness, what a week! As many of you may know, my graduate recital was last night and it was a big freaking deal for me. I have no fear of performing; however, being the only performer, for over an hour, and singing my brains out – scary experience! The dresses worked out great though. Here’s one:

Mom, me, and my sister! Don't know what is up with the red eye.

Overall, it went really well. This week has been a whirlwind – Tim had an interview at a university on Thursday, so we were both on pins and needles over that, and he got home Friday. I had my dress rehearsal Friday night, which was its own stressor, and my family drove 12 hours to get here and so we went and had some dinner at their hotel restaurant when they arrived around 9. I was already freakin’ exhausted!

Yesterday morning, I had them all over (mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law, Grandma, and aunt) for brunch. I made a blueberry crumb cake (yummy, not healthy!) and these little egg cups, both courtesy of Martha Stewart. Mom brought fresh fruit and it was a nice breakfast feast!

The afternoon brought relaxation – Tim and I watched 30 Rock (we are on Season 4) and a little bit of Father of the Bride, one of my all-time favorite movies, and then it was time to shower and get ready. I left the house and realized when I got to the church where my recital was being held that I forgot my pink bag full of EVERYTHING including makeup, hair pins, jewelry, shoes, etc. So sweet Timothy rushed it over to me and I got ready and then it was TIME!

The first piece went well although I could feel my ankles shaking, haha! Good thing my dress was HUGE. The first art song cycle went okay except I royally screwed up by blanking so I gave my accompanist a little solo! Haha. It was ok, I came back in and then there were really no mistakes for the rest of the recital, thank GOODNESS! I am SO glad it is over. Afterwards my parents threw a catered party at this cute place called Kindling and I was ready for some wine! It was a great night.

This morning Tim had to fly to another interview for another university (where the helen are we going to be in a couple of months?!) and my family split as well, so I was left here by my lonesome to nap and enjoy our first 80 degree day of 2011.

Here are some meals that got me through the week (mostly breakfasts):


Blueberry Kashi waffles... mmmm

I like Kashi waffles because I feel like I’m getting a treat and it’s not made of crap. And it’s easy! I don’t like syrup on my waffles 🙂

Egg whites and low fat white cheese on an everything bagel thin

I looooove bagel sandwiches for breakfast, especially with egg whites!

I enjoyed it...

(Check out these cute plates…)

Annnnd I enjoyed it some more. All the way to Paris!

Greek yogurt concoction - YUMMMM

This breakfast occurred two mornings in a row this week – Fage 0% greek yogurt, Full Circle Organic Wheat Squares, Fresh blueberries, and honey! AMAZING.

I was having a stressssful day one day and interrupted it by going to one of my favorite places in town, Longbranch Vegetarian Cafe. I got African Sunset Roiboos tea and Almond Chocolate Chip biscotti.

I think the tea brand is Two leaves and a bud... cute!

That break in my day totally helped, as did the SUN which FINALLY CAME OUT that afternoon after lots of gray chilly days:


Aren’t these gerberas gorgeous?! Happy spring inDEED!


Anyway, I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday and my apologies for this week lacking in posts!!! I will be MUCH better this week!!

Smiles and love – Natalie


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