Weekend update and Grumpy Chicken

In spite of my feeling icky on Saturday morning, I had to finish my gown shopping. I know it seems ridiculous to have two gowns, but who cares! I found one, though – it’s a very simple long red matte satin Calvin Klein gown with thick halter straps that cross in the back. The skirt is cut on the bias but is mostly fitted through the waist and a little through the hips… anyway, it was a miracle purchase. I can’t find a picture online… sorry!

Shopping took it out of me so we decided to do a super easy “Asian” dinner. I buy these awesome vegetable dumplings from our International Market, and when you heat them up in chicken broth they’re super tasty. I whipped up a side of lo mein noodles with some peanut sauce, and couple of organic spring rolls from our co-op. It was a decent meal.

Due to my not feeling well, I’ll be honest, the most exercise I got this weekend was shopping! I always struggle with whether or not to work out when you’re feeling crappy. I read an article once that said if your symptoms are neck and above, you’re okay to work out, but below the neck, not to. I’ll take that one step further and say that no matter where your symptoms are, if you feel too tired or crappy to go, then don’t.

Yesterday involved church, a run through of my recital (which went quite well), a high-speed house clean, and a dinner of [Oven] Fried Chicken and [Pot] Mac and Cheese. The brackets are replacing, in order, “Pan” and “Skillet.” I had to make some adjustments. 🙂

Cooking Light's Chicken Fingers

Cooking Light's Easy Mac n Cheese

Anyway, Tim renamed the chicken “Grumpy Chicken.” He was having an allergy attack and attempting to help, and the more he sneezed the more stressed he got and the less help I wanted, so I kicked him out of the kitchen! Haha. He then deemed it Grumpy Chicken because he said it made me grumpy. But I wasn’t. 🙂 And we both really enjoyed it!

Today I’m really still not feeling great but I guess I better just push on through and rest when I can. Happy Monday, everyone!


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