Saturday morning breakfast and (vitamin) “cocktail”

In case I haven’t mentioned it, my Graduate Degree Recital is one week from today. What this means, for those of you not in music academia (which, I presume, is most of the world), is that for partial fulfillment of my Masters degree I am required to give a full recital of repertoire appropriate to my level of singing, which is assumed to be quite advanced at this point. So, naturally, I’m extremely paranoid about my voice and my health!

Last night, my throat felt a tad scratchy and I felt a bit crappy, and the paranoia set in. However, I have a no-fail method for shortening/stopping colds – Zicam, Airborne, and Wellness Formula.

Airborne and Wellness Formula!

People often don’t realize how very delicate singers have to be with their voices – after all, we carry around our instrument all the time, and it is our only means of communication! We have to be careful how we talk, how we yell, how we eat and drink, how much water we consume – etc. It’s complicated! So, over the many years I’ve been performing, I’ve found that my combination of the three things listed above tend to truly help. It’s a non-medication approach – a full immune system boost with Zinc, Vitamin C, and a ton of other Vitamins and Minerals. If you’re not familiar with Wellness Formula, I suggest you check it out! I’ve been using it for years.

It suggests that you take 6 capsules every three hours (some bottles say three capsules which is what I take, so it seems they halved the amount of goodies per capsule) at the first signs of imbalance. Check out the list of ingredients!

You may not be a believer in vitamins, and neither was Tim when I first told him about it, but last time we both had colds, I took it and he didn’t and guess who got better quicker? ME! And another time, he took it when he had a cold and got better so much quicker! These things have gotten me through countless operas and musicals and recitals! So anyway.

Before I had these, though, I had this:

Peanut Butter Banana Bagel Thins!

This one was actually Tim’s, I prefer it in sandwich form with only one side PB-ed and banana-ed. I owe Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers thanks for this yummy breakfast idea!

In other news, I was supposed to have two gowns for my recital. I ordered one from, but unfortunately they were so backed up that I had to cancel my order because it wasn’t going to ship in time. The other came from a boutique in St Louis:

I am neither tall nor blonde.

the back, which is too small for her and too big for me!

I don’t have time to get it altered but I just don’t quite fill out the ribs/bust so my mama is going to try to work some safety pin magic!

So now I only have one dress… which means I better go find another one today!

Happy Saturday to y’all and here’s hoping I do not have a stupid cold!


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