Skinny Pasta Alfredo and Zumba

So last night there was nothing in me that wanted to go work out – I was tired, and didn’t feel very good, and really wanted to lay on the couch with my honey and watch reruns of Seinfeld. But 5:30 rolled around and I got to thinking, what is a work out I won’t hate to do right now? And of course, I knew there was a Zumba class at 6:00. I never regret Zumba! Usually I go to Zumba Tone, but I thought I could use just an hour of straight cardio. I’m so glad I went! I came out extremely sweaty, but energized and happy. What a great choice!

A Zumba Ad

After class I stopped by the grocery store to grab some dinner. Tim wanted pasta, with alfredo sauce! Yikes Most store-bought alfredo sauces, AND homemade recipes, AND restaurant recipes contain 1000 calories per 1/3 cup! That’s because the basis of it is cheese and butter. I knew I could figure out a way to make it healthy, but I really didn’t feel like making a major recipe. I also am pretty terrible at making a roux, and that’s the basis of most white sauces unless you find a cheat for it.

So off I went to the store on a mission for healthy pasta alfredo. I remembered we had some broccoli and peas in the freezer, so those should go in. I found some whole wheat miniature pasta shells (the tiny ones – I love those!) and guess what – Ragu makes a Light Alfredo sauce! Now – disclaimer – in general, I’m a big fan of making whatever I can if it has a ton of ingredients in it in the store bought version. Preservatives, pesticides, and all that crap scare me quite a bit and I am an organic advocate (but not stickler). But I was feeling lazy and saw the sauce. Well, I’m glad I got it – it was good!

Ragu Alfredo Light!

So I got home, cooked up the pasta, heated up the veggies and mixed them with the pasta, threw the sauce on (in individual portions instead of tossing it together – that way you can monitor how much you put on yours), and dusted a little bit of Weight Watchers Italian Blend shredded cheese on top (which was pretty good!). It ended up being a nice, yummy meal with a comfort food twist!


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